Shows & Prices


G-string show

This is for the tame, held back special girl.
The performer strips down to his g-string only!

Duration: 10-12 minutes
Price: $200

Add Oil: +$20

Add Strawberries & Cream: +$40



Full Monty

Yes ladies we are starting to talk a bit more about a SIN filled night to never forget.
This show has tradition and is bound to make every girls jaw drop and drool.
The performer takes it all off and gives the special girl of the night a tasteful peak!

Duration: 12-15 minutes.
Price: $230



Full Monty oil show

Ok ladies lets get raunchy with the butt naked rub down!
Let your performer of choice unfold himself out of his clothing,
His g-string…out comes the oil bottle… and of to a slippery experience.
Which will burn itself into her memory for times to come.

Duration: 15-20 minutes
Price: $250



Full Monty strawberries and cream show

This is another one of our crowd pleasing classics, sure to make the most
Diet conscious females wanting to have a naughty snack!
Your very own alpha male will take it all off and present himself as a delicious dessert!
Guaranteed to embarrass and make her weak!

Duration: 15-20 minutes
Price: $270



 Raunchy 30 Minute Special

OK Ladies! This show is not for the faint hearted,                                                                                                                     This involves alot of hands on action and audience participation, the performer will make sure to get up close and personal with all of you naughty ladies and not just the special lady of the night, sharing is caring, our alpha male WILL spread the love around ;-) 

Duration: 30 minutes                                                                                                                                                                        Price: $400     



50 Shades of Grey!

Mr Grey will see you!

Performed by Ryan and Jay.

Duration: 15 minutes                                                                                                                                                                      Price: $350



The Dancing Bear

Ladies, Finally the traditional American Style Dancing Bear has arrived on our shores! This show is not for the faint hearted and meant for female audiences only! Cameras are not allowed here from start to finish of the show. We have a variety of performers who are game enough to bring you this performance. We have Tombe who transforms from his Multi skilled Dance intro into his Magic Mike theamed encore performance. In other words the double whamy!!!  Also available to perform this raunchy act is Ryan, making sure everybody gets hands on and their taste buds satisfied by incorporating, Cream, Oil and Lollies. Make sure to book early, this show sells like Hot Buns!!!! 

Show Duration: 15-20 Minutes                                                                                                                                                        Price: $350





Topless: $125 p/h ( Minimum of 2 hours )

G-String: $135 p/h (minimum of 2 hours )

Nude: $185 p/h ( minimum of 2 hours )

Additional hours: $70