Rules & Safety Standards (TERMS & CONDITIONS)

There are a few simplified steps for you (the organizer) to follow.

  • Have the money ready and pay the performer before his show.
  • Have a room ready for him to get changed in.
  • Please check with the performer if it is ok to take photos during his performance, as to some performers like to stay anonymous, also check with the individual performer if he flashes to the rest of the crowed (fullmonty show) because some performers may just keep it discreet and flash the special girl behind a towel,
  • Performers will not Flash if there are males in the room and if cameras are used, in that case it will be done discreet behind the towel.
  • Have the living room or party area clear of hazards such as tables, rugs, broken glass, Or spillage, the bigger and cleaner the room  the better the show!
  • No backyard shows!
  • No one under age may attend the show!
  • This one is out of experience: if mixed crowed, please inform the males to wait outside until show is over, or if they can behave they may watch quietly. If any threats or comments are to be made, the show will stop!  (No refund) so please don’t let the immaturity of young males spoil your night…”.girls just wanna have fun!”
  • No scratching, no biting, no hitting, no grabbing of genitals or abusive language towards our staff, or he will stop the show immediately! (No refund)
  • No refunds or discounts can be given after any performance.
  • Please be advised all performers are individual contractors.
  • Contractors are liable for their own actions.