Hens Night Ideas

Make your fantasy Hens Night Ideas come true at Alpha Male Strippers. Get creative with raunchy party games and gift bags with kinky items while being served with margaritas by beefy waiters. Complete with costumes, music, and with their exceptional charm and alpha male attitude, our male strippers in Brisbane will surely give you adult entertainment at its most gratifying.

The traditional Full Monty is just one of the Hens Night Ideas you can enjoy with the Male Strippers in Brisbane.  You can take your desired Male Strippers from the Gold Coast to a private boat cruise. Meet up with your friends at the Pig ‘N’ Whistle Pub in Riverside Centre, Brisbane between 5:30 - 6:15 and select your hens night strippers.  Your personal waiter will escort your group to the vessel where you can indulge in dinner and drinks. After pleasing your taste buds, it’s time for your appetite for adult entertainment to get nourished. With lights dimmed and the music on, the Hens Night Strippers will then fulfill your fantasy Hens Night Ideas.

Hens Night Strippers

Another great hens night idea is having an in-house sexy back night with a lonesome yet lusty cowboy or a bold yet beguiling Indian. Just dim the lights, get scented candles burning, and put on your favorite Marvin Gaye, Madonna, or George Michael song. Male strippers from the Gold Coast stripping down to G-strings to the tune of  “Careless Whisper” is a time-honored Hens Night Idea that will keep you and your friends chuckling each time you meet.